What were we thinking?

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We have several blogs in mind, but this one will focus on our latest endeavor...

We appreciate that many of you have followed our progress as:

  • Nancy gave up "the pretty room,"
  • We sold furniture,
  • Had the studio painted and
  • Shared photographs taken against some of our backdrops.

The element that we felt was lacking was the ability to effectively take pictures against white and black backgrounds. Hmmm, what to do about that?

We visited the Everything Photography store in Dubuque to consult with Sean and look at the set up he had with paper. While we're very happy with the studio to that point, another important consideration was space. Not so much that we couldn't fit another stand in to hang paper, but as we have worked in the studio, we really knew the main shooter (Nancy) likes to move around with the camera.

Unfortunately the manufacturer of paper hanging systems that Sean carries doesn't have an overhead system, but the visit confirmed what we wanted to do. So, we started doing our homework and ended up ordering a system out of St. Paul. It arrived quick, probably too quick. We got a call the other afternoon from a truck driver telling us that he was just South of town, and wanted to make his delivery in about an hour.

Talking to the driver, we determined that it would be very difficult to get his semi to our house. (Actually getting here would be easy, but turning around - not so much!) Of course, to complicate matters, CJ's truck was in the shop. A quick call to "Grandpa Mennie" and a favor from Chuck and Tom Giese made the delivery possible. We picked up the shipment down on Kerper, packed things up in Grandpa's van, and headed home with our delivery for the next leg of this endeavor.

Not sure why everything is an adventure for us. Perhaps we choose "the road less traveled." Or maybe it's our desire to live "life in the Spirit" and to "let go and let God..." Next challenge: Hanging the system in our wonderful old house FULL of lathe and plaster. CJ took his time, and while he put a few more holes in the ceiling than we would have liked, we are extremely happy with the functionality of the system. Here's a few shots of what we have going on:

Photographs of Pictures by Pape home studio.Pape 2403 Home StudioThis photo was shot from the living room looking out toward the front door. Photographs of Pictures by Pape home studio.Pape 2401 Home StudioThis shot was taken from the front entry way looking in toward the dining room. You can click on either of these to see a short gallery of the studio.

Photo opportunities galore in Pictures by Pape home studioPape 2405 Paper Hanging SystemThis is a photo of CJ lowering white paper in the studio. Various possibilities for portraits in Pictures by Pape home photography studio.Pape 2412 Realistic Backdrop of a DoorThis is a shot of CJ hanging one of our favorite backdrops.

With Nancy going out of town this weekend and CJ covering production on Saturday, we haven't had much time to properly try things out, but we would love to share a slide show of some of the pictures of Tanner that we got:

Two questions come to mind:

  1. WHAT WERE WE THINKING? It has been a little scary making the investment and tearing up our house, but fear was not an option. "Be Not Afraid" has been our mantra. No risk, no reward, right?
  2. WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH? We are very excited to shoot in a studio with controlled lighting. While Nancy loves taking pictures outdoors, and doesn't intend to give that up, we think this gives us something special to offer clients. And, we'll still keep it fun - promise!

We posted a few cameo shots on our Pictures by Pape Facebook page from a recent shoot we did for local celebrity Skyler. The feedback we got from five photos was very positive, so we will offer you a link to the fifty shots in her gallery, and let you be the judge of how we're doing:

We'd like to put up a blog to display the backgrounds we have. Hopefully we get that done soon. We are also tossing around ideas for a proper kick-off for the studio, and hope to see many of you soon.


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