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All kinds of shooting, all kinds of conditions. Starting with Wil's USA Mat Club last week to some head shots for Scott to family shots in the Millwork District, out to Epworth on Saturday morning to shoot a one-year old, Nancy decided to take her camera to the Rite-Hite picnic and finished up with a 50-year reunion at St. Columbkille and the Morocco.

Action at the recent Russian Style Wrestling Camp in Cedar Falls, IAUSA Mat Club_121

Wil's club is a great facility, very spacious, although the lighting was challenging. We used the Elinchrom studio flash with a 7 foot umbrella and, for the most part, bounced light off of 20 foot ceilings. Took a while to set up, was glad we went early. We didn't want to be a distraction to the attendees, but in retrospect, we would have set up a few shots over the lunch hour. If you click on the picture, it should take you to a slide show  of the gallery.
We were pretty confident about Scott's shot in controlled lighting, but the Elinchrom is pretty bright. CJ will be looking at ways to diffuse the studio strobe, or we might get a couple of smaller strobes with less output. Scott was overdue to update his photo, so hopefully he liked what we did for him. He is the only person that I know with more online presence than CJ, so you should able to see Nancy's work on any number of his sites from Ad Hoc Marketing to  Scott's Google Plus page to his LinkedIn page. He does great work, so I am sure he would love any likes, +1s or endorsements you have to offer. I did notice he had a picture of him and his beagle, BJ on his Facebook page that Nancy took. That makes Nancy happy, and when "mama's happy, everybody's happy!"

The Millwork District is very impressive, but there is a lot going on in there, so backgrounds are very busy. We nearly panicked when we saw that Holy Family Catholic Schools were hosting an outing, but Nancy cleared us for the shoot. Open shade is better than direct sunlight, so we did pretty well down there.

Close up of Jensen, shot at Divine Word in Epworth, IAGibbs_240 Crop BnW with Color

Epworth was fun. It took the kids a little bit to warm up to Nancy, and Jensen was a little wobbly in his shoes, but we came away with some good shots. Open shade again, but we used some strobes and a smaller umbrella to control the lighting.  Nancy's favorite shooting is taking photographs of children or shooting at events, where she can interact with people.  
When we first talked about this concept, we thought about marketing the phrase Invite Nancy to Your Party, but we were a little nervous how that would show in the search engines. Success in business in today's digital world is, afterall, dependent on how you show in the Google rankings :-)

Drinking from the water fountain at the 2013 Rite-Hite picnic at Eagle Point Park in Dubuque.Rite-Hite Picnic_327 Nancy wasn't sure if she was going to take her camera, but we were really glad she did. What a great event, although the temperature could have been 10 degrees warmer. She mostly made her way around the kids. The shooting conditions were nearly ideal, lots of shade with the sun only popping out once in awhile. Okay, it was an event, and there would be kids there, so why not?  We really like them, but we'll let you be the judge.

Catholic Churches are beautiful, but probably offer the most challenging lighting conditions. We weren't necessarily contracted for the Church, but we had to go to Mass anyway, and like to do a little extra when we can. Still getting our routine figured out on flashes before Mass, how to move around with large stain glass windows and the timing of events. We are Catholic, so we try to be respectful of what is going on, but obviously we want to capture a few moments. The Morocco has it's challenges with lighting, but Nancy mostly bounced light off of the white ceilings with a Gary Fong diffuser. We're talking about putting some of those pictures to music for a photo slide show and Tanner is still finishing up with editing.

The past week was very busy, but we enjoyed the challenge of working in a number of different conditions. Thanks to clients for their patronage and to all of you for the support.


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