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I see I am getting some green wristband photos from far-away places, so I want to sneak in a quick blog about some changes we've made to our Pictures by Pape photography business.

First off, we are very pleased to announce that we have a new look to our website. We will include some screenshots below to show what we have done. Hopefully you have a chance to dig into the Pictures by Pape site in the near future.

Second, we have surpassed over 10,000 pictures on the site, so we have to start scaling things back by removing some galleries. To manage things in a more systematic manner going forward, we will have to begin putting expiration dates on the galleries as we upload client pictures. We will start with 45 to 60 day expiration periods, so hopefully that doesn't cause an inconvenience for anyone. It is our understanding that we can reopen a gallery later if the need arises. We are testing how that works.

Finally, we are going to start password protecting all of our client galleries. As we go through the process of eliminating galleries, we will email passwords to clients for anything that is less than a year old, and give customers a chance to take a quick look through the galleries to see if there is anything they would like to order.

Below is our Home page. It will still roll through a slideshow of some of our favorite pictures from over the years. We have shot nearly 200,000 photographs, so we have a few to choose from. You will see many familiar photos in the slideshow, but we will be adding some new ones as we go through the process of cleaning up our galleries. Here's a useful tip you can use, not only on our site, but others as well: If you don't like how a page loads or views, try holding the Control (ctrl) Key down and click either the "+" or "-" key to make a page larger or smaller. (Just sayin' :-)

Pictures by Pape Home pageThis shows the changes to our Home page, which still features a slideshow and a revised welcome message. There are also a couple of new menu tabs.

Below is our About page. You will see we added that little Sammy here, and to our business card as well. She helps us out with editing, so we thought we better acknowledge her contributions. (It was cheaper than paying her :-) As a Sonographer, she does take pictures for a living, after all! TJ took the picture for us at Five Guys in Chicago when we were over there to celebrate Tanner's birthday.

Pictures by Pape About pageThis shows our updated About page. Take note that we have added Sam to the photo since she is always willing to help out.

As we get rid of galleries and start password protecting galleries, we needed a mechanism to show what we do. We have two new tabs on our website. One is called "Pictures" and the other is called "By Pape" - Pretty clever, huh? Under the Pictures tab, we will have examples of Children and Family Portraits, Senior Graduation Pictures and Event Photography. Under the By Pape tab, we will have examples of some of the Creative Photo Editing that we do.

Below is our Children Portraits page, which is an example of what you will see under any of those tabs:

As mentioned, under the "By Pape" tab, we are showing some of the Creative Photo Editing that we do. There are also menu items in the drop-down list to see Original Artwork that we have for sale, examples of Graphic Design work we have done, Commercial projects, a link to our Photo Story Books and DVD Slideshows. If you have never looked at our books or videos, you should take some time to do that. They are really fun, and they will give you an idea of our creativity as photographers.

We'd also encourage you to look at some of the collages we have for sale in the Dubuque and Holy Spirit collections. They make really nice presents as prints, framed art, canvas gallery wraps or specialty items such as metal murals.

Below is a screenshot of our Creative Photo Editing page, which shows some of the techniques we use. We've invested in some really nice filters for Lightroom and Photoshop that we are really excited about.

Sorry for such a long post, but we thought it was important to give you some notification of what we were doing before you stumbled on to it yourself. Like we said earlier, we will be sending out passwords as we begin making galleries private, and we will give recent clients notification before we start removing galleries that are less than a year old.

And, be on the lookout for an updates on Alex and John's Share the Spare adventure.


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