We put photos up sorted by file name, so the better ones will be mixed in with the rest. We do a couple sample techniques for Black and White, a Toon technique, Black & White with Color, Vignetting, Desaturated, Digital Sketch and Sepia tone. We can do various techniques to most photos per request.
Pape_5130Pape_5146Pape_5154Pape_5155Pape_5158Pape_5168Pape_5169 APape_5169 Sketch APape_5169 Sketch DetailPape_5170 APape_5170 BnWPape_5172Pape_5174Pape_5177Pape_5178Pape_5183Pape_5196 APape_5196 BnWPape_5197Pape_5201