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What are We Thankful For?

December 28, 2013  •  1 Comment

You, of course!

As we come to the end of the year, after a busy Holiday season, we reflect on what we are thankful for.. and, yes, many of those thoughts lead back to YOU. We are thankful for ongoing opportunity you give us to explore and develop our creative talents, and to (hopefully) provide a service that has value well into the future.

In our last blog, we mentioned that we would share photos from some of the studio work that we did at the end of 2013. We had about a dozen different shoots in the past month, and we can share from about half of them. We'll put more photos out on Facebook and Google+, but clicking on these photos will act as a link to various galleries if you want to get a feel for what we do in a PHOTO SHOOT:

Child in Black and White while retaining some color.Trinity in Black and WhiteBecky and Courtney had us take studio shots of Trinity. This was an edit requested by Trinity's mom Courtney. Family portrait of ten proudly supporting the Iowa Hawkeyes.Steuer KidsThe Steuer family came by the studio for a photo shoot with 10 children from three legs of the family. Challenging, but we had a riot.

This is a family portrait of 5 people in SepiaBrimeyer Family in SepiaTom and Lisa stopped over on Black Friday for a quick family portrait with their adult children. This is a family portrait of 6 in Black and White with a reverse vignettePotts Family in Black and WhiteAs you can see we are really enjoying shooting in the studio. Mom and dad came with some good ideas, and we shot a couple of different backdrops.

A portriat of two young girls on White Paper with a slight reverse vignette to add drama.Jutson Girls Sprawled OutSandy Jutson had a great idea to bring the girls up for a photo shoot while mom and dad were away. Awesome Grandma! Portrait of four young men with the violas and a cello.The Naumann Boys with the StringsAmy and Randy had Nancy take these pictures of her boys. They were really good sports about the shoot.

As you can see, we've had a range of ages, and we've had fun with all of them. Nancy has adjusted well to shooting in the studio and the lights help us to get predictable results by custom balancing color and shooting at higher shutter speeds and apertures.

We did CHRISTMAS CARDS for five or six clients, and contributed photos to another five or six. It's kind of fun for us displaying those cards on our Wall of Fame, and sharing them with guests. As an example, we will show one of Nancy's brother's family that was a collaborative effort using a couple of great pictures their family took and one of ours merging them together to create a near masterpiece:

We did this Christmas Card for Joe and Lisa.Joe and Lisa Rett Christmas Card 2013Joe and Lisa had a plan for a Christmas Card and had taken two of these photos during the year. A quick shot of Lukas and Josh, and a little Photoshopping equals a cool personalized Christmas Card.

Nancy did several PHOTO STORY BOOKS over the Holiday season. Here are links to a couple that she was able to start, get printed and delivered in the month of December. (It's no fun if don't press the deadlines a little :-)

| Check out Pictures by Pape at Photo Books

We also do VIDEO SLIDE SHOWS of still photography. Ordinary pictures can be spectacular when put to music. We will often include the  "off shots" that we get with a second camera. These photos help document an event and create memories. We're careful to buy songs for videos we do for people so hopefully we don't get NICKED (pun intended :-) for copyright infringement by showing these two videos from an 18-song disk we did recently for Nick and Katie of their wedding late last summer:

Best Day of My Life from the beauty parlor the morning of the Nick and Katie's WeddingWe acted as "Second Photographer" for Nick and Katie's wedding, doing a book and video for the bride and groom. Wagon Wheel from Lot One to Villa Street in Dubuque for Katie and Nick Heiar's wedding.We were "second photographers" for Nick and Katie's wedding, documenting everything from the set up for rehearsal through the reception.

Speaking of weddings, our last UPDATE is more personal in nature. We will show a few photos and let you guess what good news Nancy and CJ received over the Christmas Holiday:

Sam n TJ Engaged 002Sam and TJ over the HolidaysNot sure what Sam is looking at, but this is your first clue. Sam n TJ Engaged 006 Close UpSam and TJ were glowingSam and TJ were glowing as Nancy shrieked with excitement. Okay, maybe we helped accentuate the glow a little in Photoshop, but this helps to highlight your second clue! Sam n TJ Engaged 011-EditSam and TJ Announce Their EngagementWe were preparing for a photo shoot when Sam and TJ shared the news of their engagement, so luckily we were able to scrounge up a camera to document the moment!

So, yeah, we're feeling pretty blessed and have lots to be thankful for. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish each of you a Happy New Year. And we hope to hear from many of you during 2014.


Jill miller(non-registered)
I love seeing all the fun new stuff you 2 are up to! Congrats on the engagement! We need new pictures this summer!! Keep up the great work!
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