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Determined to Share the Spare

March 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

On March 27th, John Rett posted this on his Facebook page:

"Great news!!!! Mercy hospital in Des Moines called to let Alex and I know that we have been approved for the kidney surgery. So on May 20th I will have the privilege to give my kidney to my little buddy! It has been over a year now and 3 hospitals later but we were able to get this done. Continue to wear those bracelets and keep us in your prayers! I just want to thank everyone for all your support and God Himself for letting me help Alex. This maybe the greatest day of my life!!"

Well said Rotten one!

Yes, John and Alex received the news from their surgical team of Dr. Scholl and Dr. Pepper. You can visit them online at the Transplant Center of Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.

We echo the request for prayers. While John has been both optimistic and determined through this entire process, we shan't leave nothing to chance. We ask that the Lord keep Alex, John and the entire medical team healthy, not only for the transplant, but for the weeks and months following the surgery.

As for support, the involvement of many has helped ease the stress of the process. While Alex continues with dialysis (and that's no fun,) the sense of community over the past several months has somehow made this better.

We have collected photos from quite a few supporters over the past few weeks, which we will share, along with some commentary. We will list them in order of rank, starting with the Colonel. Yes, Colonel Sanders leads the list of our celebrities spotted wearing the donor green Share the Spare wristband. (Don't forget to hover over the photos for additional comments.) IMG_7038 Colonel SandersColonel SandersColonel Sanders really got into the spirit of the cause, wearing not only a green wristband, but matching sunglasses as well.

Speaking of determination, next up would be Olympic Gold medalist Dan Gable. He certainly isn't used to being second, but then he didn't found the second largest restaurant chain in the world either, like Harland did. (CJ used to fry chicken for KFC, so he was on a first name basis with the Colonel :-) As far as our research goes, through his high school, collegiate, freestyle and international wrestling career, and coaching at the University of Iowa, Dan came out on top 96% of the time. We will pray for even better odds of success for young Alex and old John.

IMG_2562 Dan n Kathy GableDan and Kathy GableDan and Kathy Gable wearing the Share the Spare wristband, and offering a thumbs up in support of the cause. That has to count for something!

We did get quite a few ski pictures but it's hard to believe between the Rettenmeiers and Brimeyers, we only have one snowmobile picture, but thank goodness for Treats.

2014032295155310 Snow MobileSnow Mobiling with TreatsLove this photo. Very classy!

Somewhere after her brother ran the King of Clubs and CJ played ball for Dave and Maggie at the White House, the world-famous Pammy Murphy would have been our favorite bar owner. Here she is adding a little of the luck of the Irish to the Share the Spare effort:

10001335_10202258172269814_1983267233_n PammyPammy at the South End TapAs previously reported John only frequents the classiest establishments in Dubuque.

Always a smooth operator, Johnny Rotten has submitted a number of photos. We will try to get some of the names right in the captions of the photos that follow:

1526284_10202258153469344_1790883831_n TylerJohn and TylerAnother one from the South End. We're taking that sparkle in the background as a sign of good luck.

2014032795213721 From John BnWJohn and JessicaWe're guessing this was taken at Easy Street. Not sure about the photo bomber in the back :-)

20140313_194238 CornerCorner of the BarYou will have to ask Rotten about this one.

2014031495092521 WomenClassy WomenNot only does John hang out at the classiest bars, he hangs out with classy people!

2014032195192308 Go ShockersGo ShockersThe Wichita State Shocker basketball team got a lot of love from Dubuque this past season.

2014032295190713 JudyJudy and the GangAyy, a little more luck of the Irish can't hurt, now can it? We think we've seen that Pabst "Blur" Ribbon sign before.

Wearing the GreenJohn is pretty sure he is a Heiar.

20140328_220302 3 Mile House3 Mile HouseWe're guessing this is the bartender at the 3 Mile House.

And last, but not least, Nick and Andrea get into the act at the Pretzelmaker in Kennedy Mall:

IMG_4267 GoedertsThe Goedert PretzelmakersThe brother and sister act of Nick and Andrea show their support at the Pretzelmaker.

Well, that should about do it for now. If you want to be famous, submit your photo to


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