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Dubuque Photographers, Pictures by Pape did a family photo session with the Cavanaughs in the Millwork District downtown in Dubuque.
Family portrait in Dubuque Millwork DistrictCavanaugh 8 x 10 Family PortraitCavanaugh Family Portrait in Dubuque MillworkCavanaugh Millwork 043Family portrait converted to red sepiaCavanaugh Millwork 053Cavanaugh Millwork 054Boy looking through window in the Millwork DistrictCute boys looking through window in DubuqueThree boys looking through a windowThree boys looking through a window in sepiaMom and Dad with son family portrait.Cavanaugh Millwork 085Cavanaugh Millwork 086Cavanaugh Millwork 104Cavanaugh Millwork 122Mom and dad swinging their son in downtown Dubuque, IACavanaugh Millwork 135Cavanaugh Millwork 136Cavanaugh Millwork 141