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These are some of our favorites examples of child and teen portraiture. Working with Kindergarten and First Grade students, Nancy has taken thousands of pictures of kids over the years.
Three boys looking through a windowSkyler 048-EditAlyssa 038Boys at Swiss Valley in Sepia and ColorAlyssa 058Olivia 475Jutson Girls 0166D 443Skyler 066-EditHenry at Arboretum 071 Color SquareJutson Girls 074Henry at Arboretum 158 BnWJutson Girls 216ANaumann 013 BnW ColorANaumann 028 BnW Color2ANaumann 041 BnW Color2ANaumann 057 BnW ColorHenry at Arboretum 191 Hands n FeetANaumann 066-Street Scene ContrastSteuer 003-Edit