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We love to do event photography. As a matter of fact, when we first starting formulating our business strategy, we thought about using a tagline "Invite Nancy to Your Party," but we were afraid of how the search engines on the Internet would pick that up. We really enjoy shooting casual events like anniversaries, birthday parties or wedding receptions, or as the second photographer at a wedding.
HyVee Dodge 205-EditMax Baptism 139HyVee Dodge 163-EditMax Baptism 155Max Baptism 238Katie Hair Salon_244Heiar Rehearsal_410Katie n Nick Wedding n Reception_172Katie n Nick Wedding n Reception_315Katie n Nick Wedding n Reception_319Katie n Nick Wedding n Reception_818Rite-Hite Picnic_412Heiar Rehearsal_387-EditHeitz_228Heitz_345Heitz_406Heitz_445Heitz_504 Sepia