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Took 4 month pictures of Gideon on Willie's Farm for friends Laura and Tavis.
Gideon Virtue 001-Edit.jpgGideon Virtue 004-Edit.jpgGideon Virtue 006-Edit.jpgGideon Virtue 008 OLD PHOTO.jpgGideon Virtue 008-Edit.jpgGideon Virtue 010-Edit-EditGideon Virtue 013-EditGideon Virtue 014-Edit-EditGideon Virtue 018-EditGideon Virtue 019-EditGideon Virtue 022.jpgGideon Virtue 023-Edit.jpgGideon Virtue 023.jpgGideon Virtue 024.jpgGideon Virtue 025.jpgGideon Virtue 028.jpgGideon Virtue 029.jpgGideon Virtue 030.jpgGideon Virtue 031.jpgGideon Virtue 033.jpg