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This is a collection of 92 pictures from the Hoffmann family shoot on Thursday, December 27th. Most photos are cropped to a 4 x 6 aspect ratio, which is typically around 12 x 18 by 240 dpi.

We did a few examples of black and whites, color conversions, Toon effects and threw in a sepia and desaturation as examples of the types of things that we can do with you pictures.

Thanks, Nancy, CJ and Tanner
Pape_10099Pape_10099 CPape_10100Pape_10112Pape_10114Pape_10116Pape_10133Pape_10134Pape_10138Pape_10142Pape_10144Pape_10145Pape_10150Pape_10153Pape_10155Pape_10159Pape_10160Pape_10162Pape_10163Pape_10166