Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.
Pictures are mostly uploaded at a 4 x 6 aspect ratio, actually18 x 12 x 240 dpi. If not, we try to note that in the name.

All can be cropped after selecting for purchase, but we encourage people to leave a little extra if they are going to put it in a frame.

We also play a little with the temperature, so the tones look a little different. If you want a photo tweaked, just let us know.
Naumann Christmas Card BlueNaumann Christmas Card RedPape_02285Pape_02287Pape_02288Pape_02292Pape_02294Pape_02297Pape_02299 10x8Pape_02308Pape_02312Pape_02317 APape_02317 ToonItPape_02319Pape_02322Pape_02325Pape_02328Pape_02329 APape_02329 ColorPape_02334