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Pictures by Pape, photographer's in Dubuque, Iowa are in the process of painting and setting up their home studio. This gallery is being set up to show some of the possibilities.
Backdrops-Graffiti Guitars and MeshBackdrops-Brick and Cottage LightBackdrops-StandardBackdrops-Floors and DoorsBackdrops-Christmas and WinterGuitar Room 8x12Graffiti Wall 1 8x12Grafiti Wall 2 8x12Metal Mesh 10x10Red Brick Wall 10x10Tan Wall Lights 10x10Cottage Sun 5x7Gray Wall Lights 10x10Gray Stone Wall and FloorGold Texture 10x10Starlight StagePoster WallMetal Texture 10x10Dilapidated Door 8x8White Wood Floor 5x7