Nancy loves to do Photo Story Books. She will do them with her photos or in combination with yours. She has been doing books for $150 to $200 for a "first copy" of a 20-page book, which is a bargain given the time she will put into a book. There is an additional charge for each page over $20, but a "second copy" is usually about half price.

Below are examples of two books Nancy did near the end of 2-13. If you click on the book to the left, you can roll through a book that she did for her Godmother Jeanette. If you click on the book to the right, you can roll through a book that she did for Jane and Shannon.

Jutson Girls 068Jutson Girls Photo Story BookSandy Jutson had a great idea to bring the girls up for a photo shoot while mom and dad were away. Awesome Grandma! Max 071 Crop MPMax in the Studio. We did books for Jane and Shannon.

Below are examples a couple of books that Nancy did awhile back. The book on the left was from a mock Olympics at Willie's farm and the book uses a combination of photos that Nancy took at Recycle for Honor and the Freedom Flight, combined with some Joe Rett took on the trip to Washington D.C.

Recycle for Honor / Freedom FlightA book Nancy put together for her dad, Earl and uncle, Howard. Pape_01682Willie's OlympicsNancy made a smaller Photo Story Book after taking pictures at a mock Olympics at her friend Willie's pool in 2012.

Nancy has done over 30 books. We think they are awesome, and a great value that we offer for clients.