Children, Family, Lifestyle and Event Photography in the Dubuque area


Photo of boy wearing a Nike hat with the Swoosh in the background.JB Swoosh Photo of a girl looking through the corn in Dubuque, IA area.IMG_3896 Sepia Light Color Golf event photography in Dubuque area at Lacoma in East Dubuque, ILGreat Swing Photograph from McCord Gable rehearsal taken at 9:00 pm using a 7-foot umbrella in Galena Territories.Gable Friday_235 Photograph taken at McCord Gable rehearsal bouncing light off of a white ceiling in Galena Territories. Save Olympic Wrestling!Gable Friday_294

The photos above are examples of the type of work that we do. While we do not specialize in wedding photography, we have acted as "second photographers" to document the event with Photo Books that Nancy puts together and Videos that CJ does. As photographers we use a combination of Natural Light and Flash photography to capture live events as life unfolds.

  • Nancy loves taking photographs of children. She is great with kids, and, while children are unpredictable, they are usually very comfortable with her.
  • Nancy loves taking pictures of events. She has done a number of reunions, retirement parties, anniversaries and birthdays.
  • We like to have fun with clients and keep photo shoots fun and relaxed.

Call for pricing for all Photography sessions. Pricing will vary, depending on travel, the time of day, equipment needed and the amount of work anticipated in editing, but this you can use the following information for general planning:

Children or Individual Sessions are approximately $50. We will shoot at your home, a couple of local indoor or outdoor locations, or we love doing studio shots under controlled lighting conditions.

Small group and Family Photo shoots are approximately $75. Group shots can be tough, getting everything lighted evenly. We recommend solid colored clothing, avoiding noisy prints and will work with you to pick out a time of day that is convenient and everyone is fresh.

Event Photo shoots are approximately $100. They can offer the most amount of variation in terms of lighting and unplanned situations, but we enjoy the opportunity to be a part of your event as things unfold.

Pictures from contracted Photo shoots will be displayed, and can be purchased through galleries on our website. We can set up private password protected galleries if that is a requirement.  Additional creative photo editing services can be purchased later. Our goal is to make sure you are happy, and we will work hard to make sure that happens.

Browse through the open areas of this site.  If you have any questions about our Photography or Photo Editing Services, please feel free to email us at  [email protected] or call us at 563.588.8081. Click here for a Price Sheet.