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We really enjoy working with high school and college graduates. These are some examples of work we have done. We are perfectly fine shooting in studio or on location, or a combination of both. Mom's and other family members are always welcome to attend.
Josh Kuennen 103-Edit-2Trent 255 Trent6D 338Lukas_006-EditPeej Graduation 245-EditAmelia 210 TextureChristopher Foley 074Andrea Goedert 263 Pow WowPape_04555Sam Naumann 134-EditCole_093-EditColpitts 304-Edit-2Riley Hefel 199Ryan Graduation_120-CropIsaac Hoffman 075-Edit6D 302 CAMEO RevisedChristopher Foley 146 Toon PosterLukas_099-EditTrent 308Pape_04418