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These are not the official events for the Dubuque Wahlert Class of 1978, they are from a golf outing at Bunker Hill golf course and a party at Loopers on Friday night. Photographs by Nancy and CJ Pape, photographers in Dubuque, IA
Reunion Golf 18 x 12Pictures by Pape 12 x 18 DunnyPictures by Pape 12 x 18 SandyPictures by Pape 12 x 18 StevePictures by Pape 18 x 12 AxEOS 7D7838EOS 7D7841EOS 7D7842EOS 7D7851EOS 7D7852EOS 7D7853EOS 7D7855EOS 7D7861EOS 7D7863EOS 7D7865EOS 7D7868EOS 7D7875EOS 7D7876EOS 7D7877EOS 7D7879